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~ a therapeutic massage service aimed at muscular health. 

Shawna L. Brown, MMP

19 Years of Experience

* Medical Massage Practitioner certification

* Myofascial Release certification (John Barnes)

* Medical Professional of Rock Tape certification

* MPS Ultimate Pain Therapy certification

* Therapeutic Massage & Hydrotherapy certification

* Although, I have a certification of completion in comprehensive thai massage, I will wait to complete the master level before administering it professionally.

Future Certifications and Plans

Currently I am in the application process at both Seminole and Daytona State College for the Physical Therapist Assistant - Associate of Science Degree.

Future certification plans will be MFR 2 & 3 and the Fascial-Pelvic and Fascial-Cranium.

Goal and Promise to You

I will use massage therapy in conjunction with physical therapy to further aid patients in their recovery and wellness. All of my certifications will blend together in order to create a muscular health plan specifically designed for YOU!


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Medical Massage


Based on your physical condition, medical history, and any areas of pain - this session is tailored to specific muscles during your treatment duration. Passive and isometric stretching, manual  manipulation of injured or hypertonic soft tissues, the use of either Pointer Plus OR MPS therapy, fascia cupping and magnesium oil will or may be used in this type of massage. Plus you will receive a copy of your medical massage documentation to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.  

The therapist that will be working on you is a certified Medical Massage Practitioner. This is a certification given to a practitioner for 40 hours or more of post-graduate training in a specific modality. It demonstrates their personal and public commitment to enhance their massage and/or bodywork profession.

Therapeutic Massage


A combination of swedish and deep tissue modalities aimed at over all relaxation and muscular health. This is a feet to scalp session compromised of long, slow and smooth effleurage strokes.



A treatment of elastic adhesive tape (100% latex free) applied to the skin and wearable 3 to 5 days. Due to the tape's ability to lift and create convolutions in the skin, it has the following benefits:: decrease inflammation, re-educate the neuromuscular system , help prevent injury, promote circulation and healing.

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